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Public Sector Services

Digital Strategy

Digital is not IT. It’s a modern way of providing services, improving operations, conducting analysis, and meeting the needs of your constituents. Let’s build your digital strategy.

Data Management and Use

Ready to unlock the value of your organization’s data? We will develop a data strategy, assess data maturity, and ensure data are available in the frequency and format needed to drive better decisions.

Performance Improvement

Strategic, organizational performance improvement yields better outcomes for your constituents. I believe in a data-driven, collaborative approach to driving organizational performance.

Systems Architecture and Design

Innovators are exciting, but their ideas, projects, and tools typically leave when they do. Let’s identify a path to scaling what works and institutionalizing a new way of working.

Technology Modernization

What is the technological maturity of your organization? Is technology a barrier to innovation or a catalyst for it? Let’s assess and identify what components of your technology stack should be custom vs commodities.

User Research

Human centered design applies to your constituents and your coworkers. Let’s identify who we’re designing for, what their needs are, and how to measure and learn from our theories of change.

Private Sector Services

Strategy and alignment

The first step in becoming a customer-centric company is developing your customer success charter. This will include your customer lifecycle model, segmented customer journey, and a roadmap for maximizing alignment across all functions of your business.

Client outcomes

What happens after a client launches? Becoming proactive about client engagement, product adoption, and ongoing support is key to ensure client’s achieve their desired outcomes and stay with you for life.

Customer-centric sales

The best sellers solve customer’s problems by aligning value to the company with value for the customer. We will dive deep on enterprise solution selling, defining client outcomes, and creating high value handoffs between sales and services.

Voice of the customer

Your customer’s experience is your reality. Through a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, let’s put your customers at the center of your growth strategy. They’re here to help you succeed if you let them.

High value services

Offering repeatable, high value services can actually transform your services team into a company profit center! We will map out the roles your services team needs to start delivering high value programs that demonstrate value to your clients as soon as they launch.

Product adoption

How do you know if your customers are using your products as expected or at all? What are the features that make a customer sticky or cause them to churn? Let’s take a customer success view of your product.



What they say

Jessica is one of the hardest working, creative, and committed public servants I’ve ever met. If you’re in her sector, you’ve heard buzzwords like “innovator” thrown around a lot. But Jessica is the real deal. She works with a mission and leads people to follow her.
— Ian Kalin, Chief Data Officer, US Department of Commerce
For Jessica, customer success is a lived experience, engineered through targeted programs and high-touch interactions. Her approach is rooted in deep customer empathy, instrumentation, and collective learning.
— Saf Rabah, Vice President of Data and Insights Division, Tyler Technologies
Jessica has been thoroughly invested in the agency’s success and I have always felt as if she is fully part of our core team- proactively offering solutions and providing new insight. She is a true connector and influencer, someone who has a natural way and talent for engaging and building bridges.
— Tamara Srzentic, Deputy Director, Office of Innovation, California Health and Human Services Agency
Jessica is one of those VERY rare individuals that is gifted with extraordinary communication abilities combined with technical know-how
— Drew Mingl, State Data Coordinator, State of Utah


With a background in public policy, technology, and customer success, Jessica takes a different approach to digital transformation. The digital era is an opportunity to connect policy and execution to help public servants make a bigger impact.

Jessica brings together the disciplines of human-centered design, data management, data-driven performance improvement, and technology modernization to help you build a strategy for the future.

She has spent years working with  Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers, and other C-suite public servants on their journey to modernize the agencies they serve using data and technology.

She has also built and led Customer Success teams in the civic tech software industry, ensuring that value from digital technology leads to concrete business outcomes for users.

Nothing is more exciting to her than partnering with leaders in  government to ensure they are equipped with the ideas, practices, and tools they need to improve our society.



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Whether your agency is just embarking on its first steps toward becoming data-driven and digital, or you’re looking to take your initiative to the next level, I would love to connect with you!

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